naumd rising star young leadership awards


The Rising Star Young Leadership Award recognizes individuals under the age of 40 that are the most accomplished young business women and men in the uniform and/or public safety industry who have been making headlines in their field; advocate for their industry; engage with their peers; and who share a commitment to business growth; professional excellence and to their community.

The winners of this award represent the future of our industry and will set new standards for the support and growth of the industry, as well as the NAUMD brand.  By developing and recognizing future leaders, we are laying the foundation for the industry to continue to innovate, grow and inspire future generations of NAUMD members.

FAQ and Rules:

What is the age requirement for The Rising Star Young Leadership Award candidates?  To be eligible for consideration the nominee must be over the age of 18 and under the age of 40 on September 1, 2021.

Can I nominate myself?  Yes, Self-nomination is allowed, but each nominee will need letters of support (which can be submitted via email to steve@naumd.com) from at least one workplace colleague or supervisor and one member of the community at large.

What makes a nomination stand out from the pack? Judges look for nominees who have achievements in areas of their field.  Measurable achievements should be included and could include achievements such as increasing profits, completion of a project, awards from professional associations or other groups.  We understand that many achievements aren’t easily quantified so give us as much detail as you can. Be as specific as possible when you are filling out the nomination form.   The judges will also look for community and volunteer involvement that speaks to the nominee’s willingness to help others.

Does the nominee’s employer have to be a current member of NAUMD?  Yes, the nominee’s employer company must be a current member in good standing of NAUMD.

When is the nomination submission due: March 15, 2021 at close of business.

 Core Criteria for Nomination:

  • Career Progress – You must show the growth of your (or the nominee’s) skills, responsibility, and success in your chosen profession.  We’re looking for a clear sense of growth and accomplishments in your work.  Please be specific about the accomplishments.
  • Industry Involvement – Demonstrate a commitment to the ideals of NAUMD and the uniform industry. How involved are you in your professional organization(s)?  Are you more than just a member?  Have you chaired a committee? Run an event? Served on the board?  Be specific: How did your involvement produce results? For example, how your efforts led to a new program.
  • Leadership Development – Leaders are the face of the industry to its members and the public.  The characteristics of a leader come through in our day to day interactions with those around us.  Leaders influence others to promote a positive change by displaying quality characteristics like integrity, competency and intelligence.  They are also forward-looking and inspiring to others.  How have you exhibited these traits?
  • Innovation – How have you demonstrated creativity and innovation by developing new ideas and/or adapting successful solutions to problems and challenges, or optimizing unique opportunities?  Nominees will bring forward new and creative ideas that inspire all young professionals to contribute their very best to the uniform industry.