naumd image of the year awards®

Image of the Year AwardS®. 

Each year, the Image Apparel Institute recognizes the best workplace apparel programs with its Image of the Year Award®. 


Each year, the Image Apparel Institute recognizes the best workplace apparel programs with its Image of the Year Award®. Since 1978, the IOY Awards have recognized the organization’s program, plus the manufacturers and distributors that created it. Independent judges evaluate the programs on 1) originality of design 2) projection of branding 3) functionality for the job 4) use of technology and innovation.  The judges award a maximum of 100 points to a submission.  The submission with the most points from all the judges wins.

Now open we are accepting submissions for the 2021 awards.  Three FINALISTS will be named in each category.  All FINALISTS will receive a certificate designating their status.  The national WINNERS will be named at the convention on October 26, 2021 at the Paradise Point Resort, San Diego, CA.    

Winning the award creates a lasting bond between the program providers and their customer. The NAUMD promotes the winners through various outlets throughout the image apparel industry to maximize exposure for the winners and the association.

The Image Apparel Institute (IAI) strives to promote professionalism and excellence within its industry. The IAI intends to be a source of information and welcomes companies in our space to help pursue our common future.

Submission Categories:

  • Entertainment Venues
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels - multiple locations
  • Hotels - single locations
  • Restaurants - multiple locations
  • Restaurants - single locations
  • Retail & Professional Companies
  • Service & Industry Companies
  • Transportation - People
  • Transportation – Product


Image of the Year Award® Program

Eligibility Rules:

  • The IOY Awards are open to all companies in the Image Apparel Industry to assure we are recognizing the best of the best!
  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS September 1, 2021.
  • All nominated programs MUST have a representative present to accept the award in order to win, no exceptions. Not having a representative will disqualify the program and the runner-up will receive the award.
  • All programs submitted MUST be programs currently worn by client's employees. If the program is rolled out over time, the rollout must begin no later than July 1, 2021.
  • You may re-submit a program so long as the program did not win an award in that category previously. A program may be submitted in more than one category, but is only eligible to win one category annually.


  • Only uniform programs worn within North-America are eligible to enter.
  • The Entry Form with all questions answered is required in order for the submission to be judged. Photographs or drawings must accompany the Entry Form. The artwork should include pictures of all the uniform versions. We suggest close up pictures of the individual uniforms. A maximum of 7 pictures may be submitted.
  • The IAI retains the right to use all photographs in publicity and future promotion materials.

Judging Criteria

The Image of the Year Awards® are judged on a 100 point system. Each category will have a point maximum. All submissions will be electronically submitted. The submission consists of up to seven photographs of the uniform program and answers to a series of questions. This is the only information that may be used in judging each submission. Judges will score submissions in four categories.

  1. Appearance/Design/Research: Using primarily the photographs provided, compare the appearance and design of the complete uniform program relative to other submissions.  Consider any research done in the creation of the design.  Maximum Value 50 Points
  2. Technology/Innovation: How does the uniform program incorporate new technologies or innovations in it's design? Maximum Value 25 Points.
  3. Problems solved or improvement made: Does this uniform program solve any problems or create improvements for the wearer of the uniform?  Maximum Value 20 Points
  4. Employee Satisfaction: Is any evidence provided that the employees are satisfied with the uniform they wear? Maximum Value 5 points.

Finalists & Announcement

All finalists will be honored at an awards banquet during the annual Convention.  Winners will also be named at this time.