Awards Profile: United States Army Green Service Uniform, Fechheimer

A 2022 Best Dressed Public Safety Award® winner, the Army Green Service Uniform, AGSU for short, is the US Army’s new service dress uniform – equivalent to a business suit in civilian terms. The olive green AGSU has come to replace the current ‘army blue’ Army Service Uniform (ASU) in the Class A and ‘Class B dress uniform roles.

Uniform supplier Fechheimer has a rich history of developing quality programs for U.S. Government agencies and was awarded the contract. The AGSU comprehensive program includes uniform trousers/slacks, shirt and dress coats, as well as an all weather coat, dress tie and socks, gloves and other insignia and accessories.

The uniform is a take on the Eisenhower era uniforms commonly known as “Pinks and Greens.” The unique challenge for creating the AGSU was merging modern fabric and tailoring. Functionality and comfort took precedent in the design, including a premium lining in the dress coat and detachable elements for comfort; design and pattern shaping to enhance comfort, permanent crease technology in the trousers and slacks, non-slip technology in the waistband, and soil and stain technology for easy care.

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