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Introducing the NAUMD Image of The Year Awards® Middle East

Recognizing Excellence in Uniforms and Workwear Programs in the Middle East

Example program winners from the 2023 Image of The Year awards in North America.

We are thrilled to announce that the Network Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (NAUMD) is introducing a set of special awards for the year 2023. These awards will specifically focus on uniforms, image apparel, and workwear programs in the Middle East, showcasing outstanding achievements in the industry. The NAUMD believes that by bringing together companies as members of its network, they can collectively celebrate and honor the best uniform programs through the prestigious Image of The Year Award.

The Image of The Year Award aims to recognize and appreciate the efforts of organizations in developing exceptional uniform programs that not only exhibit remarkable design but also address the specific needs and challenges faced by the wearers. This coveted award is a testament to the commitment and dedication of companies towards creating uniforms and workwear that enhance the image, functionality, and satisfaction of the individuals wearing them.

The award evaluation process will consider various key factors to determine the winner. These factors include:

  1. Design: The aesthetics, creativity, and overall visual appeal of the uniforms and image apparel.
  2. Wearability: The comfort, fit, and practicality of the uniforms, ensuring ease of movement and functionality in various work environments.
  3. Problem Solving: How the uniform program addresses and resolves specific challenges faced by the wearers, such as safety, durability, and functionality.
  4. Apparel Design: The use of innovative and sustainable materials, construction techniques, and attention to detail in the creation of the apparel.
  5. Apparel Performance: The performance and functionality of the uniforms, ensuring they meet the requirements of the intended work environment and provide added value to the wearer.
  6. Wearer Satisfaction: Feedback and satisfaction of the individuals wearing the uniforms, including their overall experience and level of comfort.

By becoming members of the NAUMD network, companies can submit their customer uniform programs for consideration to win the prestigious Image of The Year Award. This provides an excellent opportunity for organizations to showcase their expertise, creativity, and commitment to meeting the unique needs of the Middle Eastern market.

The NAUMD is dedicated to promoting excellence, innovation, and professionalism in the uniform industry. With the introduction of the Image of The Year Award for Middle East uniform programs, the association aims to encourage continuous improvement and raise the bar for uniform design and performance.

Join the NAUMD network today to be part of this exciting initiative and have your customer uniform programs considered for the prestigious Image of The Year Award. Together, let's celebrate and recognize the exceptional efforts and achievements in the realm of uniforms and workwear programs in the Middle East.