AI Body Modeling: Best Practice To Avoid Needing Reps for Sizing, Size Run Samples, Product Returns

PRESENTED: August 4, 2022
SPONSORED BY: Bold Metrics

Are you curious how AI Body Modeling technology is being used by apparel brands and retailers like Canada Goose, Men’s Wearhouse and Fire-Dex? They use body data to reduce returns, boost conversion and enable data-led product design.

The uniform industry needs an accurate, easy-to-use virtual fit tool to enable uniform manufacturers and retailers to fit customers in minutes, from anywhere, while scaling their business. This webinar will look at how uniform companies can simultaneously reduce fit-related returns while streamlining employee reorders. One model explored is where a shopper answers four to six simple questions to receive a contextualized smart size recommendation.

Key highlights include:

* How Fire-Dex went from fitting customers via reps driving trucks full of different uniform sizes to pre-ordained fit stations to physically kit out firefighters and test their sizing, to an easy and accurate digitized sizing solution that makes the right size recommendations in seconds.

* How virtual fit transforms the way uniform manufacturers design, create and sell their products.

* The limitations of camera-based fitting solutions and scanners and why these solutions are ill-suited for the uniform industry in particular.

* Why, and how, integrating a sizing solution will address fit-related returns and facilitate re-orders with employees.

* How Bold Metrics’ AI Body Modeling technology and Virtual Sizer solutions help uniform brands create a more sustainable manufacturing process and reduce the labor, time and transportations costs associated with fitting customers accurately.

* How uniform manufacturers and retailers can leverage virtual fit to reduce their carbon footprint and improve sustainability efforts in quantifiable ways.

Who is presenting the webinar?
Jeff Mergy, Chief Product Officer, Bold Metrics

More info at https://boldmetrics.com



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