Our Purpose

NAUMD creates a network of uniform, image apparel, and workwear companies in order to improve supply chains, innovation, and awareness.

Our Core Values

We believe that heroes wear uniforms.
We believe that uniforms empower employees.
We believe uniform industry members are good corporate citizens.

Our Members

The NAUMD Member Portal

The gateway to connecting with over 500 industry professionals. The Member Poratl portal offers a range of features to enhance your networking and learning experience:


  • Member Connections: Connect, follow, and message fellow members to build valuable relationships within the industry.
  • Company Profiles: Access and manage detailed company profiles, ensuring up-to-date information and active engagement.
  • Groups and Discussions: Join specialized groups to share ideas, best practices, events, announcements, and more with like-minded professionals.
  • NAUMD University: Gain access to our extensive educational resources, including 100 hours of video content and 300 posts filled with industry insights, downloadable PDFs, and presentations for continuous learning.


Listen to and read what NAUMD network members have to say about the value of their membership.

Our Divisions


Since 1932, the NAUMD has been a leading voice and networking organization for those companies involved in the manufacture and sale of uniforms, image apparel and workwear.

Image Apparel

The Image Apparel Institute division of the NAUMD promotes the manufacture, sale, and brand awareness of image, identity apparel worn every day by millions of workers.

Public Safety Suppliers

The Public Safety Suppliers and Retailers division of the NAUMD promotes the manufacture, sale, and brand awareness of equipment and accessories used every day by millions of workers engaged in public safety.

Member Services

Uniform News

We aggregate, curate, and deliver uniform industry-related news to our members on a weekly basis.

Industry Awards

Well known industry awards include the Image of The Year, Best Dressed Public Safety, and Innovation Awards

Network Groups

We are a community-focused association, producing events, meetings, and networking opportunities among members.

Convention & Exposition

Annual event attended by hundreds of uniform, image apparel, workwear, and public safety companies

Educational Library

We have industry reports and over 50 hours of educational webinars and podcasts in our member portal.

Membership Plans


Companies that are engaged in the manufacturing of uniforms, image apparel, workwear, and equipment items for resale to distributors and/or end-users. This includes mills, factories, accessories, equipment, and brands.


Companies that are principally engaged in direct sales to the end-user, and purchase for resale the majority of their items, on the basis of annual sales to the uniform, image apparel, workwear, and public safety equipment industry.


Companies that supply products, technology, and services other than equipment, garments, components, and piece goods to the uniform, image apparel, workwear, and public safety equipment industry.