3DLOOK Joins Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide to Bring Body Data Intelligence to The Apparel Uniform Sector

SAN MATEO, Calif.March 16, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — 3DLOOK, a technology company that brings intelligence to the apparel product lifecycle with digital human body data, has joined the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW). Uniform suppliers and manufacturers will benefit from the ability to produce better fitting clothing with the help of the 3DLOOK Body Data Platform, which is powered by its proprietary mobile 3D body scanning technology.

As a member of the PCIAW, 3DLOOK is set to strengthen the corporate clothing community with a digital approach to fit and sizing. 3DLOOK’s Body Data Platform can provide PCIAW members with fast and accurate customer body measurements taken with its 3D body scanning technology accessible through any smartphone. Businesses may utilize real-time data analytics stored in a dashboard to optimize pattern development and grading rules, maximize production yields and reduce waste. This data will enable members to produce clothing based on accurate measurements and 3D body shapes to ensure that uniforms provided offer employees a precise fit.

This solution has already been well received by a number of organizations and uniform providers in the US and globally. From US military branches and healthcare to international airlines that are using 3DLOOK’s mobile body scanning technology and Body Data Platform.

“For the millions of employees globally that are required to wear a uniform, 3DLOOK’s advanced approach to body data ensures that they are always comfortable in what they’re wearing, while also helping to reduce the environmental impact of waste and returns due to ill-fitting uniforms.” – Vadim Rogovskiy, Co-founder and CEO at 3DLOOK.

Throughout 2020, 3DLOOK is keen to showcase how its technology can similarly help PCIAW members. The company offers pilots of the Body Data Platform and is eager to collaborate with professional workwear and corporate clothing experts. Contact the company today to see 3DLOOK in action.

ABOUT PCIAW: PCIAW is the first worldwide organization developed to serve the professional clothing industry. The UK-based association helps members such as Snickers Workwear, Hunter, and Incorporatewear to discover new business opportunities, increase their reach, and strengthen their position in the rapidly-growing professional clothing industry.

ABOUT 3DLOOK: Founded in 2016, 3DLOOK is a computer vision, deep learning, and 3D technology company that has developed the world’s first Body Data Platform. Recognized as the 2019 winners of the LVMH Vivatech award and the IEEE Retail Digital Transformation Grand Challenge.

This solution provides brands, uniform manufacturers, and distributors with accurate body measurement and shape data, which helps to improve workplace satisfaction and develop sustainable business models by ensuring employees receive uniforms that fit.

The mobile-first technology alleviates the need to transport expensive technicians to manual measuring events, saving time and costs for both the business and your team. Using a front and side photo of the employee (dressed in tight fitted clothing), taken anywhere and on any background, the technology generates a unique 3D body model, over 63 POMS and body shape data, which it then ports into the first of its kind body data dashboard. Once scanning is complete, 3DLOOK removes all submitted images from its systems in compliance with data privacy regulations and customer expectations.

For companies selling DTC, 3DLOOK has also built a cross-platform size recommendation widget to eliminate the complexities and guesswork around fit and sizing when shopping online. The machine learning fit engine maps body shape data with product data generating size recommendations to help the customer visualize how the uniform will fit their unique body, eliminating the need to purchase multiple sizes and return what doesn’t fit.

For companies focused on customizing uniforms, 3DLOOK’s product can be used to digitally collect measurements powering on-demand manufacturing through custom patterns.