3 things customers need most from you now

Customer experience pros: Crank up the empathy! It’s one thing customers need more than ever from you now.

About 75% of customers said they believe a company’s customer service should be more empathetic and responsive as a result of the pandemic, according to the Hiver study, “Customer Support Through the Eyes of Consumer in 2020.”

“What qualifies as great customer service is changing, and changing fast,” says Niraj Ranjan, CEO and Co-founder of Hiver. “A few years back, you could make customers feel taken care of by sending automated replies and by convincingly stating that you are doing your best. That does not fly anymore, as customers are more educated and better connected with each other. Throw a pandemic in the mix, and you have very high customer service expectations.”

What else do they want most now? They want their issues resolved quicker. And they want them resolved in their channels of choice.

Here’s a closer look at customers’ three most important wants.