2022 Awards Profile: WonderWink Branding, Superior Group of Companies/CID

Medical scrubs sold through retail channels have a massive array of choices within and across brands. The WonderWInk unified branding program, created by Superior Group of Companies/CID, provides clarity with effective communication of multiple product dimensions through on garment branding and labels as well as SKU-specific digital content. The program is also a 2022 Innovation Award winner.

WonderWink embarked upon a unified branding program in late 2021 to focus retail customers and end consumers on the WonderWink master brand. The new branding program utilizes an industry-first “progressive app”, integrating all product lines, sub-brands and the multitude of fabrication choices, fit/size variations and features across the WonderWink offering.

The WonderWInk program utilizes a common base hangtag and labels(heat transfer labels/HTL and garment sewn-in labels), combined with special color coded secondary tags, labels or callouts. This unified system replaces over 50 disparate labeling components with 3 primary components.

The hangtag features a single QR code that connects to a “progressive app” developed through collaboration of the company’s in house development teams in the US and India. The progressive app is accessed through a single QR code on all WonderWink hangtags (and in advertising). The progressive app allows the end consumer to scan the individual product UPC code of any WonderWink product, displaying SKU-specific content such as videos, photos and deeper product information.

The entry process for the 2023 Innovation Awards, as well as NAUMD’s other recognition programs will soon open. Check the website for more information, or contact rick.levine@naumd.com  with questions.