2022 Awards Profile: Telus, Unisync Group

The 2022 Image of the Year Award winning TELUS service apparel program outfits more than 3,500 service technicians with uniforms. The group has expanded to includeTELUS Authorized Service Partners, TELU S Contractors, and TELUS TCSS, or Security. Within the four divisions are a wide range of workgroups that get outfitted; including but not limited to, Cable Repair, Construction, Field Managers, Install and Repair, Mobility and Safety. 

The apparel program outfits each employee with all required garments for their job, including polo shirts, woven shirts, layering pieces, outwear, headwear, and much more.

At the heart of the branding is the TELUS logo. Utilizing light and dark grays as the base color on all the garments and the use of the vibrant TELUS purple pantone as an accent provided just the right amount of pop to the uniforms.The combination of the grays and accents provides the employees with a very professional and easily identifiable uniform that they can be proud of. 

One of the defining design features is the custom Gingham check that was developed for the management woven shirts. Utilizing the TELUS purple pantone and a TELUS tab along the pocket, the shirts transformed from an industrial style shirt to a much more professional look.

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