2022 Awards Profile: Made in Germany Level 2 Face Masks, Logistik Unicorp

Many companies entered into the mask making business in 2020 and 2021 using imported machinery from existing machine companies.

But not Wintex Apparel, a division of Logistik, last year’s winner of NAUMD’s Innovation Award. Witex designed, created and made their own machinery in their home country of Germany. In a matter of only a few months, they had the factory and in-house testing facilities operational; creating 120 jobs and achieving the highest levels of certification.

To design and create the production equipment, Wintex relied on their years of experience in manufacturing specialty protective apparel to design and engineer the machinery. They involved their network of traditional apparel machinery partners and local engine builders to produce the machines capable of making thousands of units per hour.

The actual masks are FFP2 (N95) with 5-layer construction ensuring 97% of all particles and aerosols are filtered out. They are certified in Germany as DIN EN 149, the respiratory protective device standard for Germany. All this was done within 90 days of production start.

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