2022 Awards Profile: Bell Canada, Technology, Unisync Group

The Bell Canada retail program outfits over 5000 wearers. This 2022 Image of the Year® winner has managers and staff wearing the same uniforms; in the past, there was a specific uniform for each role. The technology industry is increasingly casual, and as such this approachable, casual T shirt program designed by Unisync meets the brand trend in that market space. 

The T shirt program for Bell utilizes a single knit jersey in 65% polyester, 35% cotton. This fabric comes from China, and the product is sewn in Canada to provide a manufactured in Canada product. The embellishments utilize the digital printing process for maximum durability and are printed prior to finishing the seam on the sleeve to achieve the unique sliced logo look that the Bell brand was targeting.

Unique to this T shirt line is a maternity shirt that has been a hit with employees. Unisync took great care in designing this maternity shirt by drafting ruching into the pattern at the side seams. This eliminates a ‘tent” like appearance when creating the additional ease needed for maternity wear and provides a fit true to maternity retail styling.

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